After a week of waiting since the new video trailer came out last week, now FIFA Online 4 fans have prepared a ‘hands-on’ Volta Live game mode. Accordingly, this brand new game mode will be officially launched on April 24th
Volta Live is a completely new 4vs4 game mode at Volta Live. Simulating the full nature of a street football match, each team in Volta Live will consist of 5 players, each player will be controlled by only 1 single player. Own goalie will be automatically controlled system. This means that 4 players will gather to form a team to play a Volta Live match, facing the opponent is also a team of 4 opponents.
It can be said that the gameplay of Volta Live has the appearance of a hybrid between football game and MOBA game. Many gamers expressed interest in this exciting mode because they will only have to control one player, along with three other players, play a Volta match just like playing mini football field in real life.
Not stopping there, Volta Live also allows players to perform technical movements (skills) more simply in other game modes. Regardless of whether the keyboard or handle is used, players can still use technical movements easily with only 2 or 3 buttons. In the opinion of some brothers, now even new players of FIFA Online 4 can perform technical balls in Volta Live not inferior to the veteran gamers.

Besides, Volta Live also owns a series of equally interesting new features, including Voice chat for teammates to help communicate more easily. Fever – Helps players turn into “Super Xayda” in a short time, run faster, stronger, ….
Along with the colorful interface, graffiti-style dust and funny commentary voice of Tuyen Van Culture, Volta Live will be an interesting street football mode that everyone should try in the future.

Although it took until April 23 for Volta Live to officially launch, the FIFA Online 4 community was also quite eager to get ‘touched’ of this game mode.