1. Modern Combat 5
    If you are a fan of first character capturing games, then you ought to have heard about the Modern Combat series. The first sport of the Franchise used to be launched in 2009. The recreation has improvised a lot for the reason that then. The game is developed through Gameloft. One of the most well-known video games of this franchise is the fifth edition like Modern Combat Blackout. The story is based on a special force who is assigned the undertaking of putting off the terrorist. The sport additionally has an on-line multiplayer feature. The pictures of the games are quite impeccable. The solely con of the sport is that regularly gamers are dealing with troubles because of the manage layout, but all in all Modern Combat 5 can flip out to be a massive boon for the FPP gameplay lovers.
  2. World War Heroes: WW2

The storyline of the recreation is based totally on the theme of World War. The participant has to surpass all the stages in order to attain glory. The on-line multiplayer game was released in August 2017. The visuals of the game seem pretty good. Although the recreation developers should have labored a bit greater over the sport sound. But summing up every point the sport is a deal with for the android gamers.

  1. Critical Ops
    This multi-player First Person Shooting sport is come what may similar to the gameplay of Counter-Strike. The game, developed by Critical Force, has 5 one of a kind modes. The gameplay revolves around 5v5 deathmatches. The first crew who wipes the different crew for tenth time wins the game. The matchmaking is carried out on the basis of the rank of the players. The game’s visuals aren’t that detailed, but the gameplay absolutely gives the gamer an ride of taking part in CS over the android platform.
  2. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is one of the most popular science fiction primarily based games over the android platform. The game has blanketed up all the aspects. The recreation has both the modes i.e. either you can play a 4v4 war or you can grind the recreation the usage of the story campaign. The game was developed by using Madfinger. There’s no loophole in the game. The in-game sounds, visuals, and even the storyline is exactly detailed. So, the off-tone science fiction genre game has the entirety which can mesmerize FPS gamers.

  1. Area F2
    The newly launched sport is similar to that of Counter-Strike. The recreation is developed by means of Qookka Games. The game has 20 sellers categorized underneath attackers and defenders. The participant can select one of the roles and group up as a 5 guys squad. The first squad to win three rounds is classified as winners. The drone seize used to recognize the enemy’s area is one of the catchy facets of the game. The FPS game appears good, but in order to attain a appropriate quantity of game enthusiasts engagement, the game developers have to work on the pictures and some portions of the game.