The development of the mobile game industry is gradually becoming stronger with the advent of the top quality, surreal graphics.

Forsaken World: Gods & Demons

This is an open-world role-playing game – adventure with amazing surreal graphics and a mythical story.

Players will admire a magical world of Gods and Demons that is extremely unique. When playing as Forsaken World, the player’s choices will determine the destination for his great journey. Because, the plot of the game is woven according to the player’s intentions in situations of dialogue, doing quests, … or simply discovering the secrets hidden in the map of the world of Calindor.

Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja Mobile is an open-world role-playing game, the plot of Dragon Raja VN is extremely attractive with the graphics that change according to the story selection. Players will have the opportunity to participate in many different plot scenarios around the magical colorful world.

In Dragon Raja, players can freely create their own avatar at will. The game has an extremely interesting role-playing game and converges full of the most optimal features such as PvE, PvP, manor building, Bang Hoi linkage, pairing …


Developed by Aconite, the HoloVista experience brings a world built beautifully and surreal. The player will play the role of Carmen – a new female architect who has joined a mysterious company. In the near future of social networks, players will have the task of collecting images of a massive architectural building to promote the image.

However, please be careful; the mansion contains a mystical spirituality capable of understanding you and understanding you even better than yourself. So, be well prepared before the HoloVista world adventure and uncover strange mysteries.

When projecting images with a mobile device, if there is a corresponding object in front of you, the image in HoloVista will show a beautiful landscape with identical shapes. This is definitely a very great game to experience on VR devices.