The years 2017-2018 was really the culmination of the survival shooting genre (Battle Royale) when PUBG caused a global storm and was the leader in bringing these fascinating game titles to the unprecedented brilliant development. From cafes to offices, we can see anywhere stories of skydiving and running, which were extremely trending at that time. However, the rule of elimination of the world is also very strict, and then the name PUBG gradually cooled down.

The time when PUBG decreased, was also the time when many other Battle Royale games exploded and became successful, most notably Fortnite and Free Fire.
If Fortnite is very successful in 2019 and attracts a large number of gamers and popular Esports awards with millions of dollars, Free Fire is somewhat quieter but the number of gamers is not inferior. Free Fire has reached 48 million downloads globally, a terrible number that every game dreams of after 3 years. This is also the best proof that the Battle Royale game series is not “dead”!

However, the Battle Royale game line has changed direction, from the PC version gradually to the compact and convenient Mobile version. Now, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile are the most popular titles and this also follows the general trend of the world gaming industry with the miraculous development of mobile games.

PUBG’s mistakes have been used by other Battle Royale games to continue to develop. From regularly organizing many quality esports tournaments with large-scale quality to new maps, new game modes to retain gamers or upgrade new versions with many cool features.

Typically, Free Fire with an upgraded version called Free Fire MAX is very trending for young people. From the maximum graphics level to 4K to the items: costumes, pets … extremely eye-catching game is what young gamers always love.
With Free Fire it does even more. From domestic to international, Free Fire tournaments have become more and more attractive, the prize money of tens of millions of dollars and record of viewers have partly proved its attractiveness.

So, even though PUBG can become “deadgame”, the Battle Royale game series still has strong descendants and will definitely not “die” for a long time, even a very long time!