If you’re not certain which game to get, Goal takes a look at what to count on from both popular soccer video sport titles
Every year, in the run up to Christmas, ideas of gamers inevitably turn to which new video games they’d like to get and there is a particular condundrum pondered via football fans: FIFA or PES?

EA Sports’ FIFA series and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer are among the bestsellers of the video sport world, with FIFA surging ahead of its counterpart over the course of the previous decade.

However, enhancements made to the PES range in latest seasons have helped to win again previously loyal gamers who opted to switch to FIFA, even though there will usually be lovers who can’t abide one or the other.

FIFA 21 vs PES 2021: which sports game will have better graphics?
The graphics on FIFA and PES are of a very high quality, with both sets of builders utilising similar methods in terms of rendering the visual data of the games.

Expect to see distinctly distinctive variations of the first-class players in the world, which include how they pass as well as their appearance, and the higher detail in the stadiums that games are performed in.

With the games set to be released on next-generation consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, there is plenty of anticipation that snap shots in FIFA 21 and PES 2020 will be much better than their predecessors.

Konami has been using the Fox engine for its last seven PES titles and there is hypothesis that it will use a new engine for ninth-gen consoles. EA Sports, meanwhile, has been the usage of the Frostbite 3 engine for its ultimate 4 titles.

FIFA 21 vs PES 2021: which sport will have higher licensing?
EA Sports’ FIFA series has long boasted a greatest choice of absolutely licensed groups than Konami’s PES and that will no doubt be the case when the new titles are launched in 2020.

FIFA 20, for example, has over 700 licensed teams throughout 37 leagues, which includes the UEFA Champions League, while PES 2020 has 19 totally licensed leagues (out of 24) and solely a handful of thoroughly licensed golf equipment in the Premier League and La Liga.

In the past, the sheer absurdity of the fake team names in PES – Man Red or MD White anyone? Contributed to its cult fame among avid gamers, however Konami has labored to invulnerable a large array of licensing agreements with leagues, consisting of Ligue 1 and Serie A, in the past 5 years.

Some of the amazing membership partnerships for PES 2020 covered Barcelona, Manchester United and, most notably, Juventus, who signed up to an specific settlement with Konami which resulted in EA Sports being compelled to rename them ‘Piemonte Calcio’ in FIFA 20.