Mobile game monetization questions that matter to your boss

December 17, 2014 Blog

Do you know what mobile game monetization questions matter to your boss? Powe-Up Report shares the 9 most burning monetization questions that matter to your CEO. It is created exclusively for mobile game developers and would be axtremely helpful for them.

The data helps to get into the minds of mobile gamers, cause they aren’t the typical mobile users. Gamers tend to adopt new technologies faster than other segments. Use this data for guidance on understanding where your audience is located, what technologies they use, and what types of games they play.


Answering these 9 questions will empower you to optimize ad campaigns and reach higher gaming revenues for sure!


  1. Which countries are growing the fastest?
  2. Where are people playing mobile games the most?
  3. What are the CPis in different countries?
  4. When do people playing mobile games the most?
  5. Which game categories are the most popular?
  6. What is the Top OS in each region?
  7. Which versions of iOS are the most competitive?
  8. Which Google Play OS versions generate the most money?
  9. Which Google Play devices drive the most ad revenue?


Learn the answers in the 13-page report.