Holiday impact on the game market

December 30, 2014 Blog

The holidays are over and now it’s a great time to look at CPI data of 2014.

The CPI trends remained just similar to 2013: advertisers kept on acquiring more users with the same or lower bids.

When companies went on holiday in December, there was a jolt in game sessions across all platforms and CPIs naturally droped across the Network due to the traffic explosion.


  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch CPIs All Under $2.50. iPad: CPI down to $2.38 (-9.5%), iPhone: CPI down to $2.08 (-10%), iPod touch: CPI down to $1.42 (-16.5%).
  • Google Play: CPI remained at $1.20 (No change)
  • Amazon: CPI up to $2.26 (+15.3%)

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