When compiling a year-end list like this, it’s convenient to surprise whether or not or no longer PC gamers of many years past may want to have envisioned what awaited them in 2020. Would they have believed that the net would turn out to be enamored of a horrible goose? Could they have recognised that the creator of XCOM would go on to integrate procedural era into his work? Would they have predicted our will to revisit 1998’s terrifying Resident Evil 2, or our renewed obsession with World of Warcraft Classic, or our fascination with Disco Elysium, a tribute to the CRPGs of old?

The truth is that 2020 was once a year full of surprises, even for the PC game enthusiasts of the present. Below are games that surprised us over the year — mainly with how thought-provoking, well-designed, or enjoyable they are.

Anno 1800
Set at some point of the Industrial Revolution, Anno 1800 is all about production: figuring out where your employees will sleep, which enterprise they’ll join, the place their change unions are. Anno 1800 offers well-adjusted tools and systems to make city planning fun.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends’ release at the commencing of this year signaled a new era for fighting royales. The game’s emphasis on group composition-based approach proved that the struggle royale genre nevertheless has room to mature and continue to be fresh.

Baba Is You
Baba Is You does this almost each other level, prompting the player to use its push-block word operators to set up new policies and bend them in more and more mind-expanding ways.

Perusing archives of in-game collectibles is not often as enjoyable as it is in Control. Every single piece of lore scattered throughout the game — from text archives to taped radio segments to episodes from a creepy puppet show — lends life to the game’s supernatural story. The high-flying fight and absorbing narrative don’t hurt, either.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light
This September, Destiny 2 eventually did what followers of the recreation have been doing for a long time: they called the recreation an MMO. The new label was once accompanied by way of a host of revamped structures designed to foster players’ self-expression, a go that has solely accomplished the recreation true since.