The Witness

The Witness is a game that includes a lot of carefully invested puzzles, initially, players will learn to distinguish the colors and shapes of objects, and later on recognizing the sounds and surroundings. , and another more difficult puzzle. Because this game is separated from the simplest things in life, it attracts many people and makes them squeeze their brains for hours.


At first glance, Celeste seems to be a normal 2D platforming game, but gradually players will feel this is a story, a real challenge for the main character Madeline. You will see the fear that Madeline is facing – her own shadow. This is also the reality that many people are facing, and Celeste is a tool to help players overcome their own fears in reality to achieve higher goals.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Developed by FromSoftware famous for its super difficult Dark Souls series, if you can finish the game without any inhibitions, it will be considered a success. In the game, you will have to learn how to strike, counter-attack, when to dodge, and combine them well to have a chance to defeat the enemies on the journey. And thanks to that, at the last 2019 The Game Awards, Sekiro convincingly hugged the Game of The Year.

Titanfall 2
While the game’s sales were not as expected, it is undeniable that Respawn’s Titanfall 2 has been a masterpiece this decade. The game has a fast, thrilling rhythm with wall-running skills, rope swing, teleport, and many other fun. In particular, the game also has the participation of robots with extremely great destructive power, creating choking action scenes like in the movie Transformer or Pacific Rim. Titanfall 2 also has an extremely convincing and tragic storyline, bringing players through all levels of emotions in the campaign game.

Dark Souls
As a “descendant” of Demon Souls, Dark Souls is more complete than its predecessor in that the combat mechanism is more rationally designed, and the bosses are also more challenging and tough. In addition, gamers can also freely customize the character to their liking and immediate situations, helping to create diversity and replayability for the game. Like Sekiro, you need to memorize the technique and use it proficiently in order to pass the stage, not just spamming the button.