The most notable of the new changes is the inclusion of Ultimate Duel mode, which can reduce dirt buffs in the game.
At the 4th birthday of Arena of valor Mobile, Garena has edited a number of generals to bring something new to the game.

Specifically, champions like Dirak, Thorne, Payna, Veera, Sinestrea, Dextra, Mina, Flash, Rouie, Valhein, and Veres have been buffed. Meanwhile, the group of gunners such as Yorn, Slim, Tel’Annas, Wisp, magic general Keera, Azzen’ka, group of gladiators Wonder Woman, Omen were reduced.

The problem of dirty buffs will be minimized somewhat through a new mode: Ultimate match. This mode of competition is separate from Rank Match, only for players who reach the Master level and have certain prestige points.

Players can only participate in Ultimate Duel alone and their name will be encoded as “Legendary King”. This is to limit the case of teaming 3 or 5 and setting the dirty buff to the opponent.

Players of this mode are defaulted at 1,200 peak points. Depending on whether the player wins or fails, points will be added or deducted. Besides peak scores, gamers also receive war points.

Garena also has many other new changes. Specifically, on the test server, many combat mechanics have been reworked to blow new wind for somewhat old game systems.

Ancient champions like Butterfly, Toro, Mganga, and Omega will be tweaked to increase the odds of winning in the league.

In the assistant position, for the first 30 seconds, the elemental gem will not provide experience and gold. Additionally, when the assassins finish their target, the gold is distributed to allied champions.

In a 5v5 match, Duel, Ultimate Duel, the stats will be recorded and compared with all ranks, duration, and champions used by other players. If the champion stats exceed a certain percentage and rank is in line with the player, that champion wins the title.

Point deduction and deduction system: each type will be calculated independently, players know the cause of the deduction where, where not to be deducted. Specifically:

  • Many people denounce the same reputation.
  • Each denunciation takes effect immediately, without waiting 5 minutes of calculation.
  • Hang up, optimal offline authentication.
  • Adding a new disagreement class will subtract unlike: the higher the rank, the more it subtracts.
  • AFK altar, intentionally manipulating sometimes to avoid the logic of the system’s authenticity, will also be denounced.
  • Added new judging criteria according to the length of the match: the longer the match, the more later, when AFK will make the bigger impact. The longer the match time, the more severely AFK is judged.
  • Optimize AFK if returning to play will reduce penalties.

Finally, the system will optimize the position robbery calculation, combine the position switching feature after being used for comparison, actual lane allocation and then authentication.

In general selection mode, players not based on the set position in certain cases will be warned by the system, seriously deducting 1-3 prestige.